Camp Everytown

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Since 1996, Silicon Valley FACES has been the home of Camp Everytown (formerly Camp Anytown).  Over 9,000 students, educators, police officers, and volunteers have participated in Silicon Valley FACES’ Camp Everytown.

Camp Everytown/Anytown Alumni Association (CEAA)

What is the program?

Camp Everytown is an intensive youth leadership development program based on core values - respect, acceptance, and responsibility - that promote non-violent campus communities.  The nationally recognized program focuses students' attention and promotes learning by taking them out of their daily environment and guiding them through intense interactions that provoke deep insight and empathy for others.


Students experience group exercises and discussions about: self-identity; racial, ethnic, and cultural issues; family relationships; gender roles and violence; peer relationships; and conflict resolution.  Students identify opportunities, obstacles, and solutions to human relations issues specific to their school.  Action plans are developed to recreate the Everytown environment on campus.


Life-changing and transformative, Camp Everytown replaces everyday prejudice with understanding and appreciation for every student.


Who can participate?

Camp Everytown is designed for a diverse group of mature high school students, who are selected to participate because of their leadership potential.  Student delegates are viewed as peer leaders in their circles and capable of influencing a critical mass of change agents within their respective high school community.

What do students learn?

As a result of participating in Camp Everytown, students:

  • Return to their community with an improved awareness of themselves and their importance in the world
  • Recognize, develop, and appreciate an improved cultural identity
  • Develop and improve leadership skills that can be used to create harmony in their school, family, and community
  • Learn to break down barriers that typically limit personal growth
  • Learn techniques that will enable them to apply the empowerment and leadership skills they learned to their personal lives

How does Camp Everytown impact students?

  • Post-Camp, 97% of students feel that participating in Camp Everytown inspired them to help other people in their community
  • 95% of students would recommend Camp Everytown to a friend

Read more in the one year followup report.

Do you have a story you would like to share about your experience(s) at Camp?  Here are a few questions you might consider:

Did Everytown/Anytown change your life?  If yes, how did it change your life?

We would like to know what camp meant to you. Every story deserves to be heard! 

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