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About the Program

The goal of Silicon Valley FACES’ Victim Witness Assistance Program is to provide needed services for victims and witnesses of violent crime and to encourage their cooperation in the investigation of the case and prosecution of the offender. Our staff and trained volunteers provide direct assistance, peer counseling, information and referral services to over 8,000 victims and witnesses each year. Translation services for non-English speaking clients are available in multiple languages.


The Victim Witness Assistance Program was established in 1975 and is funded by the State of California from penalty assessments collected from convicted offenders.


Help for Crime Victims

Anyone may be a crime victim with needs and problems that cannot be handled by agencies of the criminal justice system. Law enforcement, prosecution and the courts must turn their attention to the process of identifying, arresting, convicting, and sentencing the offender. 


A crime can have severe after-affects on the victim. Weeks, months, and sometimes years after the violation, the victim may still be experiencing emotional, financial, and legal problems. These problems may lead to feelings of helplessness, guilt, frustration, and anger.


Crime victims may experience problems and disruptions that require special attention and support. The Victim Witness Assistance Program was created to ensure that every possible benefit, service, and courtesy is made available to crime victims and witnesses. Learn more about your rights as a crime victim.
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