We have a challenge grant!

Last month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Becky Morgan, from the Morgan Family Foundation,to the 2016-2017 season of Camp Everytown. Becky has been a HUGE supporter of our youth programs. During her time at Camp Everytown, Becky got to participate in the "privilege line" and "disability" exercises and interact with Everytown delegates. Seeing how much kids loved Camp and what it meant to them motivated Becky and the Foundation to decide to further extend their kindness.

We are so grateful!

Becky Morgan Camp Everytown

(Picture here: Becky Morgan, second from the left)

Since the beginning of Camp Everytown, we have been very fortunate to be able to share this unforgettable experience with more than 10,000 delegates across the Bay. This Challenge Grant will make sure we have enough resources to host Camp for another year for dozens of schools and hundreds of kids who look forward to joining the Everytown family.

Help us reach this goal!

This is one of the biggest challenge grants we have ever received. We have less than three months to raise up to $125,000 to receive a match. Please help us make it happen.

Challenge grant

Camp Everytown, FACES’ most impactful program, brings together faculty-identified high school leaders (both positive and negative influencers, representing every main social group on campus), along with teachers and staff, in a face-to-face exploration of the differences and commonalities that exist between and among them. It is complementary to a STEM educational focus and based on research findings of skills crucial to discovering and staying on a purposeful path.

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