Our post-election message: We stand with you

Today, tomorrow and always, Silicon Valley FACES stands with and for those who feel fear because they are perceived as “the other".

Because we believe in a true community of unity, there is no “other”. We are all one.

We recognize that recent events have left many of our neighbors concerned and fearful – worried about changes in current law that could reduce or eliminate protection for many, about anti-immigrant threats, about a sudden rise in hate crimes against people of color and against our LGBTQ friends and family-members. We understand those fears, and we want you to know that we will carry on working to create an entire community that serves as a safe space for all.

For more than 50 years, Silicon Valley FACES has worked to create communities that reflect tolerance and acceptance. At Silicon Valley FACES, we have rededicated ourselves to making our community a place of welcome for everyone.

We will continue to provide nationally-recognized programs and training, such as Camp Everytown and Restorative Justice, that increase tolerance and acceptance, and stand firmly behind our mission to build inclusive communities free of bias, bigotry, bullying, and violence.

We need your support more than ever.

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