About Barron Trump being bullied on social media

In response to President Trump's 10-year-old son Barron being bullied on social media following inauguration day, we, as an organization that has been fighting against any form of bullying, felt the need to reiterate our stance and update you on the recent development of our programming.

The Executive Director of Silicon Valley FACES, Samina Masood, released a statement this week:

"No excuse for social media to use bullying tactics against a minor, no matter whose son he happens to be. A child is a child. No child, regardless of one's political affiliations, deserves to be chided, bullied, or used as a media bait. FACES condemns bullying against children and respects the right of each child to be loved, protected, nurtured, and respected as an individual."

(Pictured here: Samina Masood)

Our Director of Programs and Services, Lauren McCabe, has been working closely with children and offering schools with on-site workshops to educate youth on proper uses of social media and the consequences of cyber bullying. After learning about this particular news story, Lauren brought up an example to indicate the necessity of exercises and rich discussions to solidify learning objectives:

"In a recent workshop at a middle school in Santa Clara, we facilitated a game of "telephone" with 8th graders. This exercise illustrated how easily rumors can spread verbally and how damaging it can be when conversations over text are screenshotted and spread. Youth discussed times when they have been part of a rumor or times they have spread a rumor senselessly. The activity increased awareness of over-sharing on social media, using text and social media to start fights, and raised awareness of privacy settings."

Silicon Valley FACES recognizes how quickly technology is evolving; therefore, we are actively working on producing short videos on the proper use of social media and topics people care about to help parents and educators gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to approach subjects or incidents like this. Email us at info@svfaces.org and let our education team know what you would like to learn about.

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