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Verbal bullying and racist hate speech is a crime, as we were proven recently by the British legal system in London.

In a recent news article, an incident was recorded in which a young mother and her son, who were traveling from London to Glasgow in a train's first class section, were tarnished by a British lawyer in a racist rant to the effect that they did not belong in first class, or in fact, in Britain.

It is reported that the mother was born in Glasgow and works as a lawyer, and was returning from visiting her husband in London with her four year old son, also born in Britain.

The train captain threw out the racist passenger and reported him to the police. He was found guilty of indulging in racial hate speech and fined to the tune of some two thousand dollars after admitting his guilt.

Read news article: 'You don't belong here' - solicitor caught on film launching racist attack on woman and her young son

Too often words and insults are not considered criminal because there is no physical damage done by the assailant. The laws need to change. Because insults, remarks, aggression both verbal and non verbal, are punishable by law and should be. It is NOT OK to target people or pick on them, and hurl verbal insults on them, based on their race, gender or any other facets of their identity.

Silicon Valley FACES teaches both children and adults that verbal hate is never okay. Words hurt and words meant to diminish another's sense of well being have no place in civilized society, whether on the street, at work, in social gatherings, or any other places where people from all walks of live walk and work together. People who witness such behavior should find the moral turpitude to actively report such behavior.

We, as a society, should have zero tolerance towards rudeness, verbal assault and aggression towards others.

We would like to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what's on their mind following President Trump's immigrant ban. Learn about the impact on our Muslim communities, how we can survive this political climate through unity, agree to disagree, and embrace our differences. It'll be worth your time.

Join us for an open, safe, and much needed evening among your fellow residents. Bring family and friends, ask questions, and connect with each other on a personal level.

Learn more about our Diversity Series forum here

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