We reached our goal!

On November 1, 2016, we were fortunate to receive one of the biggest challenge grants from the Morgan Charitable Foundation. We had about three months to raise up to $125,000 to receive a 1:1 match.

This week, we are proud to announce that we met our goal and received the $125,000 grant from the Morgan Charitable Foundation!

(Pictured here: Becky and Jim Morgan)

Jim and Becky Morgan have been instrumental in helping FACES expand our programming's reach and deepen its impact throughout the years - in fact, they have been supporting FACES since 1998, with funding topping one million dollars! The Morgan Family Foundation was founded in 1993 with a desire to “give forward.” This stems from Becky and Jim’s gratitude for their good fortune, and their belief that those who are so blessed have a unique responsibility to help others.

Just like how it's stated in their guiding principles:

- They have maximized our potential and empowered us by allowing us to host two different fundraisers, which we had never done before. Along with new individual donors, organizations, and foundations that were encouraged by our challenge grant and effort, we raised more than $360,000!

- Their generosity and trust not only benefited our recipients, but also encouraged other community businesses and individuals to come on board in the last three months to collaborate with us and contribute their services and goods.

This quote from Nelson Mandala perfectly sums up the Morgan Charitable Foundation's mission. We are forever grateful for your help!

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