Thoughts on the terror attack in London

It is an unmitigated tragedy that a terror attack has left over 40 people injured and three dead, at the hands of an Islamic terrorist.

Read USA Today's news report here

The past few years have witnessed a global increase in such terror attacks, and it is dismaying to learn that these terrorists are tarnishing the names of other peace-loving Muslim communities who do not believe in violence and are live peacefully all over the world.

Violence, terrorism, aggression, physical and emotional harm are never acceptable, by anyone, against another, man, beast or child. We, the ones who work to make communities peaceful and inclusive wholeheartedly and vehemently, condemn such attacks by Muslim terrorists.

Our hearts go out to our London brothers and sisters as they fight the affects of this senseless tragedy.

Terrorism, no matter what its brand and origin, is inhumane practice perpetuated by uncivilized, barbaric criminals. It has no place in civil society and needs to be condemned and fought against. FACES continues to work to educate people in the art of inclusion and respect, regardless of religion, race, or personal belief systems.

You cannot drive out hatred through hatred. Our philosophy is to practice tolerance and condemn violence.

#terrorist #london #tragedy

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