Youth Programs

Common Ground

Common Ground is a 1-3 day on campus program delivered to middle schools to lay the foundation for a successful transition to a new campus and the new level of learning and expectations. The daytime program directly addresses the need to engage students by creating an early and effective shared space - the “common ground.” The program’s overarching goal is for students to feel safe, connected, excited, and motivated to partake in the full range of educational and positive social opportunities offered in middle school.

Camp Common Ground integrates the internal development assets of:

  • Commitment to Learning through school engagement, bonding to a new school, and motivation to be successful students who are engaged and involved.

  • Positive Values of caring, honesty, responsibility, and equality.

  • Social Competencies in decision making, resistance skills, cultural differences, and peaceful conflict resolution.

  • Positive Identity with personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose, and positive cultural identity

“It awakes students to the reality of bullying and self-image issues.”




Camp Everytown

Camp Everytown is an intensive youth leadership development program based on core values – respect, acceptance, and responsibility – that promote non-violent campus communities.  The nationally recognized program focuses students' attention and promotes learning by taking them out of their daily environment and guiding them through intense interactions that provoke deep insight and empathy for others.


Life-changing and transformative, Camp Everytown replaces everyday prejudice with understanding and appreciation for all students.


Everytown instills social and emotional proficiencies that are crucial to discovering and staying on a purposeful path. As a result of participating, students will:

  • Return to their community with an improved awareness of themselves and their importance in the world

  • Recognize, develop, and appreciate an improved cultural identity

  • Develop and improve leadership skills that can be used to create harmony in their school, family, and community

  • Learn to break down barriers that typically limit personal growth

  • Develop techniques to apply learned empowerment and leadership skills to their personal lives

“CAMP EVERYTOWN has inspired me to become a better person and to make a difference. I plan on sharing what I’ve learned and showing others what they are capable of.”

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute incorporates a variety of hands-on interactive experiences to promote the leadership skills of middle- and high-school students.  Graduates of the Leadership Institute are equipped with the tools and vocabulary to become role models and effective leaders.  Sessions can be tailored to groups of any size and can be offered as individual modules or part of a complete curriculum.


Sessions include:

  • Team Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Socio-Economic Privilege

  • Bullying/Cyber-Bullying

  • Conflict and Violence

  • Competition vs. Collaboration

  • Gratitude and Appreciation

  • Other modules by request (specific to school/organization)

“I feel that these events should happen more often as it changes people’s thinking, it changes their belief and it changes people.”



For more information on the programs, contact: 

Tuyen Fiack (408) 286-9663 ext. 403 or email